My name is Opiyo Peter. I am 33 years old and come from Gulu district in the Northern part of Uganda. I am a parent and a journalist. Soon after my course at kanthari, I will graduate as a social activist. I experienced a lot of social problems. In the early 90’s I was shot by the rebels with a bullet on a day I tried to rescue, rush with my sister Miriam on my back to bush, from the attack of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels. Miriam was born with multiple disabilities, the reason she could not walk on her own. Because of her many people never wanted to come close to my family. I lost friends as a result. I experienced the neglect and discrimination before recovering from the injury. My sister Miriam died in 1996 due to complications. 2 years later, my father passed away in an accident. His death was a huge challenge. As the eldest son I had to support my mother, I financed my school fee through a football scholarship, farming and manual labor. One day I heard a radio drama. I was impressed, and knew that I wanted to go to the drama school and radio training. There I developed three scripts about my life which were turned into radio drama. I was mentored and trained on radio skills for two months. Then I became a radio journalist. Since then, I have worked for 7 years on radio.
To ensure disabled persons are integrated in the mainstream society with equal opportunities in life. I established Attitude Africa.