About Us

Attitude Africa (AA’) is a media center specialized to ensure persons with disability are integrated in mainstream society. The “SEE PWDs approach” of Attitude Africa; Selects, Empowers, and Employs disabled persons who have never had experiences in media, to become radio journalist. Attitude Africa is locate in Gulu a district in northern region, is still recovering from the effect of the civil war, by the lord’s resistance army (LRA). The war that started in 1986 to 2006 is continuing in certain forms, for persons who know well the region. Apart from abduction of over 2000 children, loss of lives, destruction of properties, rape of many young girls and women that led to the increased rates of HIV/AIDS, and abject poverty in the region as a result of the civil strife, the rebels action of cutting people ears, nose, lips, ears, legs, arms and beating people on their heads, has left many with disability. Additional, many people got disabled as a result of many things.
It should be noted that persons with disabilities who are ht poorest of the poor with the visually impaired toping this trend, encounter very high social exclusion, discrimination and marginalization. The most shocking reason it happen in my community is that, people perceive disability to be as a result of a sin, and a contagious condition that might be transmitted by mere sharing with a disabled person. There is need to change status quo so that we leave no one behind.
This way we are happy to not that northern Uganda has only 1 mainstream primary and secondary schools offering education to the blind and partially sighted learners. The facility does not have all the equipment that ease learning for a visually impaired person. But it’s appreciated, than having nothing at all. Most learners here are not able to fund their tuition fee on their own, because they come from very poor back grounds. Some of them are abandoned by their relatives. A few non-governmental organizations take the initiative to give a selected few scholarship. Also after finishing Advance level, there is no other institution for these visually impaired learners to transit to. Leaving nothing but thoughts for what the future will look like, that presents with reckless life styles, depression, with no access to employment and sometimes suicide. Their certificate on top of their impairment renders them unqualified for the jobs. Attitude Africa will find some of these drop outs, who have passion in journalism, and make them reach their destiny. Be employed, and earn respect, acceptance, and give access to integration in society.